Confidential Pre-Event Webinar "Ask a Question" Form

Confidential Webinar Pre-Event Questionnaire

Confidential Webinar Pre-Event Questionnaire

This form allows BSA Coalition members and registered event attendees to submit a private, anonymous questions or to describe actual or hypothetical issues you would like considered by the event's expert panelists.

Why is your email required?

We need the email to verify you are either a Coalition member or a registered attendee of the event. If we cannot verify your ID, then your submission it will not be considered. Once verified, the email address will be deleted from our records after recording your questions, comments or hypotheticals. Unverified submissions shall also be deleted from our records.

Just how 'private' will my submission be?

Your submission will be seen by only one person, a member of the Coalition Board of Directors who is not a regulator nor an employee of a financial institution. The questions you ask, along with those of others, will be considered for presentation to the panelists for their comments. All submissions will be permanently deleted. Email address will be deleted after validation. All questions, comments and hypotheticals will be deleted after the Town Hall concludes.

Maximum upload size: 103.81MB
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