(D R A F T) Information of Interest to Regulators considering participating in a Coalition event.

The Coalition often invites regulators to present information in our events.  Quite naturally, those regulators may need to seek the approval of senior managers and/or in-house legal.

This page is designed to provide specific information about the Coalition to help all concerned parties make a decision regarding participation in a Coalition event.

Coalition Overview

  • Online and Live Events are open to members and non-members
  • Online Events are free to members and non-members; in-person events are low cost, intended to recover event costs
  • The Coalition membership fees or “dues” of any sort
  • The Coalition, by policy, does not permit sponsorships.
  • The Coalition, by policy, is non-political.  Our mission is to help members to achieve high levels of BSA/AML compliance.  We do not advocate political positions or causes.
  • However, private donations gratefully accepted, provided they are private and unacknowledged
  • The Coalition does not endorse, nor permit others to endorse, any product or service, whether related to a member or not.
  • While the Coalition does occasionally use third-party, well recognized industry consultants as event presenters, they are strictly admonished never to endorse or recommend, or appear to endorse or recommend, any product or service, whether it be from their organization or another.
  • Coalition members and non-member event attendees are principally: (1) industry practitioners, (2) regulators, (3) law enforcement agencies and employees, (4) industry legal or accounting certified professionals.  The foregoing represent 97% of membership.  The remaining members and/or meeting attendees are compliance-related persons, some of whom may represent third-party service providers.  (NOTE: before membership is accepted, applicants acknowledge the Coalition’s no-sponsorship, no promotion rules. See https://bsacoalition.org/membership-terms-and-conditions/)
  • All events feature prominent disclosures that participants opinions/views are their own, not representative of any official position of any agency, court, etc.


What our member surveys
and post-event surveys tell us.

The most appreciated feature of our events are:

  • Downloadable slide deck with resource links
  • Free or low-cost availability. Many small institutions tell us they would never get the budget to afford the high-quality information available from the BSAC.
  • Access to regulators and law enforcement

We have half dozen requests in the past six months asking us to accommodate attendees in western US time zones.

Every year we hear from regulators who suggest we expand our mid-Atlantic reach to the (1) Northeast US, (2) Florida and (3) West Coast US. 

Event Stats

Average attendance of online events is 150 persons
Last year’s annual event attendance was 185 persons


Quick Insights

Membership is free.

Membership includes bankers and regulatory representatives from various federal and state banking agencies.

Members also include law enforcement, attorneys, NBFIs, NBFCs, CPAs, third-party service providers and other interested parties.



Our unique approach comes from the strong desire of those involved to create compliance programs on the leading edge of managing and anticipating ever-changing AML risks.

Coalition Purpose

To increase knowledge of laws and regulations related to BSA/AML

To better understand regulator expectations and best practices regarding BSA/AML compliance

To develop a peer group within which BSA/AML can be discussed

To foster stronger relationships between bankers, regulators and law enforcement.

Coalition Benefits

Free or low-cost training by means of online and live events.

Network of resources to ask questions, share ideas and best practices

Opportunity to communicate emerging issues to your regulator

Means to obtain clarification from your regulator on troubling issues

Membership in the BSA Coalition does not constitute endorsement of viewpoints expressed on this Web site or in a Coalition event.

BSA Coalition Leadership

The BSA Coalition is led by a Board of Directors, selected from membership, which meets periodically to discuss current issues.

See the current Coalition Board membership.