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Here’s another idea for a short “headline” video on the subject of Risk Focus.

The video was prepared by our Alex DeRobertis, CAMS.  We put this together because we had an idea and the time to mess around with it.

Of course, this is a demo.  Look and Feel.  Flawed and not ready for prime time.

NOTE:we show Alex as the “preparer” or “submittor” because (a) we thought “anynonymous” didn’t make sense (especialy given the political environment) and (b) we weren’t sure the Coalition would be willing to sponsor this kind of communication.

Either way, we’re  happy to not show Alex as the contributor.  We should probably talk about our official position.

Click the play button below to view the demo

Click the image below to view the proposed new webcast.  It is called: The Risk Focus.  See production notes below.

Production Notes

  • This is a “look and feel” concept.
  • It is not ready for prime time.
  • Because it was put together in two days, there’s substantial clean-up to be done.  But we’re not worried about that because when we get approval, we’ll do it over again.
  • The webcast is just over 15 min long
  • There’s been this big conversation about “spontaneity” and a concern that it not be tightly scripted.  Unfortunately, we weren’t all able to be in the same place at the same time, so we shot each individual separately and mixed it together as if we were in one conversation.  We didn’t fail, but we didn’t succeed as much as we hoped.
  • The webcast was recorded in low-res: 720p.  (Typically, we’d record in HD if not 4K.)  We did that because (1) we were screen capturing Suzanne and Debra with a Zoom call, which is a low-res event; (2) we didn’t have the time to do better; however, (3) the low-res version loads faster and runs on slower computers.
  • Once we get into production, we’ll be more better equipped (technically) and we’ll get a lot closer to the ideal
  • Suzanne and Debra rocked out preparing for the shoot.
  • Look forward to your feedback.  Use the web form, email or a phone.