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Upcoming 2021 Webinars


The views and opinions expressed in the webinars are those of the speakers.  They do not represent legal advice, an official position of any regulatory agency, financial institution, or Board of the BSA Coalition.

Summer Webinar – NEW DATE: June 22, 2021 – 10am – 11:30am

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Evolving AML Programs in a Digital World

Customer behavior continues to gravitate towards digital banking, and dealings in crypto currencies are becoming more and more commonplace. What red flags are less relevant today than when originally conceived, which typologies should be top of mind, and how should Financial Institutions consider adjusting their programs to address the associated risks? We’ll hear from experts who can share trends they’re seeing and provide tips on where to focus AML energy in order to stay focused on the risks. 

Fall Webinar – DATE CANCELED
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Strengthening the partnership between

Law Enforcement and your AML Program

One of the strongest partnerships for an AML program is the relationship with Law Enforcement (LE). Join this session to understand how to strengthen that partnership, understand what LE wants banks to know, and tips to improve this working partnership. Our panelists will discuss real-time case studies and answer your questions, helping you walk-away with immediate take-aways.

Winter Webinar – November 4, 2021

Regulatory Panel

A year in review & a glimpse to the future

For examiners, 2020 was a year of pivoting. This included working with institutions who were navigating the turbulent COVID environment, conducing 100% offsite examinations, and capping off the year with sweeping BSA/AML regulatory reform. In this webinar, regulators will review examination successes, highlight lessons learned, and discuss how to move forward. Panelists will discuss top-of-mind BSA/AML regulatory risks and compliance program considerations. Panelists will also provide status and perspective on implementing the AML Act of 2020.