About the BSA Coalition

The BSA Coalition was founded in 2008 with the primary objective of providing, at no or little cost, the tools, resources and expertise to assist financial institutions create highly effective BSA/AML programs. The Coalition is a Non-Profit corporation.  It is supported by the generosity of its members. All BSA Coalition web events are free of cost or obligation.  Other events are offered at low cost.

Membership is free.

Membership includes bankers and regulatory representatives from various federal and state banking agencies. Members also include law enforcement, attorneys, NBFIs, NBFCs CPAs, third-party service providers and other interested parties.

Our unique approach comes from the strong desire of those involved to create compliance programs on the leading edge of managing and anticipating ever-changing AML risks.

Coalition Purpose

To increase knowledge of laws and regulations related to BSA/AML

To better understand regulator expectations and best practices regarding BSA/AML compliance

To develop a peer group within which BSA/AML can be discussed

To foster stronger relationships between bankers, regulators and law enforcement.

Coalition Benefits

Free or low-cost training by means of online and live events.

Network of resources to ask questions, share ideas and best practices

Opportunity to communicate emerging issues to your regulator

Means to obtain clarification from your regulator on troubling issues

Membership in the BSA Coalition by financial regulators does not constitute endorsement of viewpoints expressed on this Web site.

BSA Coalition Leadership

The BSA Coalition is led by a Board of Directors, selected from membership, which meets periodically to discuss current issues.