About the BSA Coalition

The BSA Coalition is a IRS 401 (c) (3) non-profit organization comprised of a group of bankers, regulators and industry professionals who collaborate to discuss, debate and resolve questions, guidance and day-to-day issues associated with the development and implementation of effective BSA.

Coalition Purpose

To increase knowledge of laws and regulations related to BSA/AML

To better understand regulator expectations and best practices regarding BSA/AML compliance

To develop a peer group within which BSA/AML can be discussed

To foster stronger relationships between bankers, regulators and law enforcement.

Coalition Benefits

Network of resources to ask questions, share ideas and best practices

Opportunity to communicate emerging issues to your regulator

Means to obtain clarification from your regulator on troubling issues

Membership in the BSA Coalition by financial regulators does not constitute endorsement of viewpoints expressed on this Web site.

BSA Coalition Leadership

The BSA Coalition is led by a Board of Directors, selected from membership, which meets periodically to discuss current issues.