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The BSA Coalition was founded in 2008 with the primary objective of providing the tools, resources and expertise to assist financial institutions to create highly effective BSA/AML programs.

Membership is free.

Membership  includes bankers and regulatory representatives from various federal and state banking agencies.  Membership also includes law enforcement, attorneys, CPAs, NBFIs and NBFCs as well as other interested and related parties.

By becoming a member, you will be added to the distribution list for Coalition notifications. Note that becoming a member does not automatically register you for Coalition event.  A separate registration must be completed for each Coalition event.  (Webcasts do not required registration.)

By becoming a member of the BSA Coalition, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

(1) The Coalition neither directly nor indirectly endorses, sponsors, sanctions, approves, ratifies, validates, certifies, or favors any entity affiliated with or employer of a member.

(2) A Coalition member shall not state or imply that being a member of the BSA Coalition is an endorsement by the BSA Coalition or its Board of Directors.

(3) A Coalition member shall not make any form of representation or statement which would constitute an express or implied endorsement by the BSA Coalition.

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