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Disclosures to Law Enforcement

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Responding to information requests from Law Enforcement can be tricky. A financial institution has a legal responsibility to provide information to law enforcement, but the communication must be disciplined and take place inside the rules. This video explains the rules of the customer information disclosure road. It not only explains the how’s and when’s of disclosure, but the requirements of a good policy and procedure to guide the response. The video contains a real world example which is unpacked for your information.

The video was presented by seasoned professionals who have wide and deep experience, including a representative of Law Enforcement who provides insights not often seen by financial institution BSA/AML professionals.

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How to Risk-Focus Your BSA/AML Risk Assessment.

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Let’s get this out of the way, up front: the BSA/AML/OFAC risk assessment is not simple.  It’s not easy.  Doing it correctly means lots of research and data gathering.  It means building an analysis tool.   Prepare yourself to work hard, over several weeks.

Financial institutions should remember the Risk Assessment is not optional.  It is required by regulation.  It must be done correctly because the Risk Assessment is a key tool in (a) managing the institution’s risk and (b) guiding the institution’s business process.

This video was prepared to help prepare a Risk Assessment that meets regulatory expectations and genuinely benefits your institution.  It explains what is needed, how you go about gathering all the information and what you do with it.

The Regulatory Expectation

Financial institution examiners expect the Risk Assessment to be deliberate and thorough – in fact, there is increasing pressure to produce a more robust risk assessment, with more detail on the following:

  • types of customers (especially business customers),
  • geographical location (especially out of market or in HIDTA/HIFCA areas),
  • “enhanced features”, like ACH and Remote Deposit, associated with the base account, and
  • relevance of the risk assessment (identify and evaluate risks specific to your institution.)

The Risk Assessment is meant to exist in context to events inside and outside the institution.  The BSA/AML risk assessment should result in a reasonable institution Risk Profile, often expressed as a score which, in turn, results in a narrative profile of, for example, “moderate”, or “moderate to high”.

The regulatory expectation is that

(a) the Risk Profile be dynamic, responsive to changing internal and external conditions and

(b) executed not just periodically as a matter of course, but in response to material events: significant changes in loan or deposit portfolio content, loss of key employees, opening or closing of an office, etc.

The Risk Profile and Risk Assessment are expected to be a management monitoring tool to guide the business process.  In other words, before any business decision, one of the key questions would be, “How will this contemplated action affect our Risk Profile?”

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