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Learn from BSA/AML Experts. View on demand, no registration required.

Covid inspired us to broaden our outreach to members with Coalition Webcasts.  The webcast doesn’t’ require advance registration.  It can be viewed upon demand.  Plus, the webcast can easily include Closed Captioning, Transcripts and Slide Decks specifically tailored to the subject.  Webcasts, like all Coalition tools and resources are free.

The Coalition constantly surveys members to learn of topics and speakers that are  of particular interest.  We strive to keep our events timely and chock full of meaningful information.  We want to provide information that can be put to immediate use inside our member’s institutions.

The views and opinions expressed in the webcasts are those of the speakers.  They do not represent legal advice, an official position of any regulatory agency, financial institution, or Board of the BSA Coalition.

2021 Webcast Series

If there’s a silver lining to the Covid pandemic, it provided us the incentive to supplement our online webinars with webcasts. We can turn around webcasts faster than a webinar; webcasts are available on demand; they include more user friendly features. Note that each webcast will be on display on this page. Each webcast has a dedicated feedback form. Do us a favor and give us your comments, what you liked, didn’t like and suggestions for future improvements, topics, speakers–whatever is important to you.
At right, you may view a schedule of the 2021 Webcast Series. Each webcast will be retained and published the website as it becomes available.

Responding to Information Requests from Law Enforcement

On Demand 24/7.
Closed Captioning Included.

There are definitely rules of the road you need to know when Law Enforcement comes knocking on your door.

It’s important to get your response right. You have obligations to your customer, but you also have regulatory obligations to law enforcement–and we’re talking all levels of law enforcement, from the alphabet Federal agencies to local law enforcement.

The right response requires know-how this webcast provides. It will not only help you with information requests, but it will also be a good training tool for Directors, Senior Management, and employees.

How to Risk-Focus Your BSA/AML Risk Assessment.

On Demand 24/7