BSA Coalition Webinars

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The BSA Coalition is a non-profit organization comprised of a group of bankers, regulators and industry professionals who collaborate to discuss, debate and resolve questions, guidance and day-to-day issues associated with the development and implementation of effective BSA.

Every year the Coalition sponsors live events, such as Virtual Town Halls and Webinars. The events are always free.

The Coalition constantly surveys members to learn of topics and speakers that are  of particilar interest.  We strive to keep our events timely and chock full of meaningful information.  We want to provide information that can be put to immediate use inside our member’s institutions. If you would like to pass along a suggested topic for an event or if you have a presenter you have seen and liked, let us know. We have a special Members Comment form for this purpose. Find it here.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the webinars are those of the speakers.  They do not represent legal advice, an official position of any regulatory agency, financial institution, or Board of the BSA Coalition.

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AMLA 2020 Update:
Items to consider on your Journey to Compliance

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